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WHY BE A FAN, WHEN YOU CAN BE A SPONSOR! The goal of Team Evo™ is to increase your involvement within the sport of Open Wheel Racing from being merely a spectator to now participants. YES! You can sponsor a race team.

Being a member/participating sponsor allows you to be part of a Open Wheel Racing team. Each member has the ability to be involved within decisions made available to us via our sponsored team. Such decisions include what the paint scheme of our sponsored race car will look like, what races we compete in amongst many other.

The goal of The Team Evo™ program is to bring you closer to the action in Open Wheel Racing than you ever dreamed. The Team Evo™ car will enrich your racing experience while supporting the sport we love at the highest levels; a level not before available.

During 2005 we are re-structuring our program and not planning on sponsoring a team. However during our re-structuring year we will be working hard to bring you the most up to date Open Wheel Racing news out there. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our re-structuring and become a member of Team Evo™ for free TODAY.

Don’t just watch, be part of the action and join the most exciting fan-based organization in Open Wheel racing series today.

Primary Sponsorship opportunities are currently available for the 2005 racing season and beyond.

How much does it cost to become a sponsor?

There are several different levels of sponsorship available with our team. We can customize a proposal for any business that will fit within your company budget.

Why sponsor our race team?



Auto racing is the number one spectator sport in the world.


bullet Stock car racing is the number one spectator sport in America.


bullet Stock car racing is the fastest growing sport on television, drawing more viewers than basketball, baseball, and hockey combined last season.


bullet Nearly one third of American adults consider themselves race fans.


bullet Of all sports fans, stock car racing enthusiasts show the highest level of brand awareness and brand loyalty.  Fans are notorious for their devotion to the companies that sponsor their favorite drivers.


bullet Your company logo will be viewed by up to 10,000 fans at weekly races and thousands more as the racecar is transported through Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City each week.


What do I get for my sponsorship?

The specifics of the plan we customize for you will vary depending on your level of sponsorship, but all of the following could be a part of your package:


Placement of your company logo on the driver's uniform and team apparel.




Placement of your company logo on our NASCAR Late Model car and show car.



Placement of your company logo on our race trailer.



Your company named as a sponsor in media interviews.



Our driver, car and/or team available for participation in TV, radio and print advertisements for your company.



Appearances by driver and/or car at your company's promotions or staff events.




Your company logo on race cards - handed out free at track and autograph sessions.



Your company logo and link on the Jenny White Motorsports web site.



Your company logo on Jenny White Motorsports t-shirts sold weekly at the racetrack and other events.



Distribution of your company's promotional materials at the racetrack.



Evo Motorsports Racing  Copyright, all rights reserved. All Logos Including The Stylized E Are Property Of Their Respective Owners.